stacks on stacks || fried mozzarella and peach stack


Well hello there. For those of you who have been anxiously awaiting my return (I’m looking at you mom) here I am! Sorry for the hiatus but sometimes when life hands you a new job, you don’t have time to turn it into photograph worthy lemonade!

To celebrate my not-so triumphant return to the world of cyber cookery, I bring you the most stunning, spectacular scrumptious sandwich stack. I got the idea for this marvelous mound from my new best friend Tieghan over at Half Baked Harvest. I’ve never actually met Tieghan, nor can I even tell you her last name, but I know in my heart that our shared love fried cheese and fancy name for sandwiches would make us the bestsest of friends.  FRIEDMOZZ_2 FRIEDMOZZ_3 FRIEDMOZZ_4

Coconut Craze || Homemade Samoas


Around this time every year, I dole out my hard earned cash to support the the tiny female troops of America – my local Girl Scout troops. To be clear, my gift isn’t entirely selfless. In exchange for my dinero, they give me bountiful boxes of bite-sized, baked deliciousness. While I am happy to support the tiny future females of America, I’m not made of money. And at 8 dollars a box, my addiction can get quite expensive. And when the cookies get expensive, I get baking! While I am almost absolutely certain I spent way more on these homemade Samoas than I would have on a box of the pre-made cookies, mine were much larger and much more delicious.

{ recipe from here }


March McMadness || Homemade Egg McMuffin


Happy first day of spring folks! After months of miserable melancholy, we can finally wish the wicked witch of winter, a mother effing, adieu! But its not all rainbows and sprinkles just yet. With the first games of March Madness coming to a close, most of us have just learned that we will not be the lucky recipient of Waren Buffet’s Billion dollar bestowal.

So when life (or in this case Warren Buffet) doesn’t give you billions, make a sandwich. Better yet, make a breakfast sandwich.

{ recipe from here }



We Be Jammin || Raspberry Crumb Bars


Another Wednesday another wintery wetland here in NYC. I mean honestly, this weather is like Anne Hathaway at last year’s oscars… Les Miz.

The only thing worse than the perpetual precipitation of winter, is the knowledge that we are still over a month away from spring. That is two fort nights folks! So when life gives you an extra long winter, take my advice and make Ina’s berry crumb bars.

Ina’s recipe (found in this book) calls for raspberry jam rather than fresh harvested berries – which makes this recipe winter weather proof.




Apple Bottom Baked Goods || Granola Apple Crisp


Aaaand I’m back! Apologies for the hiatus last week. I was in Miami for work, which meant I was a few hundred miles away from my kitchen and busy enjoying weather that was a few dozen degrees warmer.

While my trip did bring a much needed interruption from the meteorological misery that has been this winter here in NYC, it also brought along a few unwelcome pounds.

But rather than diet or exercise to help drop some of that extra cargo, I have opted for “healthier” desert choices – because eliminating deserts was a non-negotiable. So Folks, say hello to Deb’s Granola Apple Crisp! It’s a leaner, meaner version of your grandma’s apple pie – featuring the same delicious French vanilla ice cream sans all the brown sugar and calories. You’re welcome.AG-CRISP-2 AG-CRISP-3AG-CRISP-4AG-CRISP-5AG-CRISP-6AG-CRISP-7AG-CRISP-8AG-CRISP-9      AG-CRISP-10

valentine’s day || homemade heart marshmallows

MARSH-1Happy Valentine’s day folks! After a week of cookies, candies and (sugar) comas, the big day is finally here! And what better way to end this week long, heart shaped, junk food junket than with another heart shaped glucose goodie!

Ever since my birthday – when my dad got me these scrumptious squares of sugar – I have been waiting (not so patiently) for an excuse to try my hand at homemade marshmallows. So when I found this recipe from my favorite foodie, Deb, I knew my marshmallow moment had come. A few drops of food coloring and my handy dandy heart shaped cookie cutter later, my homemade marshmallow dreams were realized and holiday appropriate!


Love is in The Cookies || Linzer Cookies

LINZER-1T-minus one day till Valentine’s day folks and it’s another frosty fuck fest here in NYC. And when the weather outside is this frightful, I just want to stay inside and make cookies that are delightful! So that’s just what I did.

And what is more delightful than a cookie that is both tasty and topical? Nothing. The answer is nothing.

When deciding what cupid confectionary to bake, I turned to Pinterest for some (p)inspiration, because when it comes to holiday inspired baked goods, the pinterest-ibilities are as endless as the puns I can make with the word Pinterest!

But after only a few minutes of pin perusing, I was overwhelmed by all the options. So I decided to stick (pin?) to what I knew. And I know Linzer cookies. So in keeping with the spirit of the underaged, naked archer, Cupid, I made these cookies heart shaped.


Tech Tips || Googling For Recipes

GOOGLE-SEARCHThis one goes out to all my homies with food allergies. While I personally don’t suffer from any of life’s most miserable shortcomings – I’m looking at you gluten allergy sufferers – I do empathize with anyone who has to think before they inhale eat.

So for all those unfortunate and un-chosen individuals, who must spend their lives scrutinizing recipes and ingredient labels, I have a nifty trick that might make your life just a tad less sorrowful.

{ For the record this trick is fun and helpful for just about anyone who ever googles recipes, not just those sad souls with allergies.  }


Step 1: Google the recipe you are interested in making & then click on ‘Search Tools’


Step 2: Mazel Tov! You have now unveiled the holy grail of Google’s underbelly. Go forth and customize your search with the available drop down menus and selections!GOOGLE-SEARCH-3

sweet treats || punny valentine’s day gifts

VDAY-9 Valentine’s day is by far my most favorite holiday of the year. It involves all of my most prized past times. Crafting, baking, love and more crafting. And when I say love I don’t just mean the romantic kind. I’m talking about the Bob Sinclair’s, Love Generation, kind. The kind that spreads from Jamaica to the world!

But like the producers of the Bachelor would probably tell you (if you ever found yourself in a conversation with one of them) spreading love all across the world can be expensive and time consuming. So with less than a week until Valentine’s day, here are some cheap and cheeky alternatives to the uninspired and pathetic box of CVS brand box of chocolates (seen most hilariously here).

{ instructions: simply place the candies in individual pretty packages and attach a note with the corresponding pun and you’re done! }


Super (Barbecue) Bowl || Pecan Pie


If Thanksgiving is a feast of family, then the Superbowl is a feast of friends. It’s an annual excuse to drink and be merry with the family you choose rather than the one you’re stuck sharing a bird with in November every year.

While Thanksgiving tends to have a rather set list of menu items, the Superbowl supper can change from year to year. For this past Sunday’s game, my friends and I decided to break bread over barbecue. We brought in food from Mighty Quinn‘s – the best barbecue joint in NYC. Seriously. The Best. But for desert, we went homemade.

I made this bourbon orange zest pecan pie. I was a little worried about the orange zest when I first read the recipe, but I promise you it was worth it. It elevated the pie from a gluttonous glob of richness to a decadent (almost) light desert.

PECAN-PIE-3PECAN-PIE-2PECAN-PIE-4PECAN-PIE-5{ the extra ring of pecans does nothing for the flavor of the pie, but makes you look a whole lot more professional }