happy new year || let’s get poppin


Happy New Year folks! We’re only a few days into 2014, but I can already tell it is going to be an amazing year. I don’t usually get a sense for these things, but ever since the clock struck midnight last Tuesday, my spidey senses have been tingling. Tingling folks! 2014 will mark my sophomore year of adulthood. I survived the cold, harsh, summer-break-less, freshman year and now I am ready to sashay into this next year with a renewed sense of confidence and hope. Maybe this will be the year I finally start shaving my legs more than once a quarter? Or maybe this will be the year I remember to buy new toothpaste before the tube looks flatter than Debra Messing’s chest??
The possibilities are truly endless! But to help narrow and focus my goals and aspirations for the year, I’ve written down a few resolutions.

Blog more often. Make more times for my friends. Learn new coding languages. Design and launch my step dad’s website. Learn more about photography styling and composition.

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