It’s Been One Week || Celebratory Sea Salt Brownies


To celebrate my first week of regular posting, I decided to treat myself to some homemade sea salt brownies. I don’t usually eat what I bake – not because it isn’t tasty – but by the time I’ve finished all the measuring, tasting, whisking, tasting, pouring, and some more tasting, I’ve consumed enough sugar to send an average sized toddler into a diabetic coma.

But there is something special about these brownies. They are incredibly simple to make. I’m talking only two bowls and a wooden spoon, kind of simple. They’ve also got the most perfect salty sweet flavor profile that makes them highly addictive. I dare you to eat just one. I dare you!

I use this recipe (sans the caramel, although I’ve made it that way too and it is equally delicious, but a little too sweet for my liking).

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