Gooey Goodies || Artisanal Marshmallows


It’s my birthday and I’ll eat gluttonous gelatin treats if I want to! Well technically my birthday isn’t until tomorrow, but my father was so kind as to bestow my gourmet gift onto me a little bit early this year.

As any four year old will tell you, birthdays are really all about the gifts. And this year, my dad did it big. He combined my love of all things handmade and edible into one magnificent birthday bag. First, there was a gift certificate to Sur La Table. Need I say more? I needn’t. Second, and more deliciously, he got me an assortment of different flavored artisanal marshmallows. That’s right folks, you can buy artisanal marshmallows (from these guys!).

My favorite flavors (in order) were smores, sugar cookie, bourbon and last (and most certainly least) the Guinness flavor. Seriously, don’t get the Guinness.






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