Photoshop Phorum || How To Replace Backgrounds


Hay folks hay! Sorry for my cyber absence. I took a bit of a birthday break. But don’t fret, I’m back and with a very useful and phun photoshop phorum! too much?

This tutorial goes through the steps for changing and replacing the background in an image. In this phorum I introduce masks – one of the most powerful and daunting tools in Photoshop. Masks (short for masking tape, I think?) can be really useful for hiding or revealing things in your image. Just like masking tape! I introduce a few handy dandy tips and tricks for masks in this tutorial, but it is (at best) a basic introduction.

One final note before we begin, you will also notice that I make the sneaky (and probably aggravating) assumption that you have patterns already loaded in Photshop. If you don’t, I’m sorry. You can download a few I snagged from Pugly Pixel (here) or check back here for a future phorum on pattern creation!

In the meantime, enjoy and drop me a comment if there’s anything you think i’m missing or that is confusing!






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