Apple Bottom Baked Goods || Granola Apple Crisp


Aaaand I’m back! Apologies for the hiatus last week. I was in Miami for work, which meant I was a few hundred miles away from my kitchen and busy enjoying weather that was a few dozen degrees warmer.

While my trip did bring a much needed interruption from the meteorological misery that has been this winter here in NYC, it also brought along a few unwelcome pounds.

But rather than diet or exercise to help drop some of that extra cargo, I have opted for “healthier” desert choices – because eliminating deserts was a non-negotiable. So Folks, say hello to Deb’s Granola Apple Crisp! It’s a leaner, meaner version of your grandma’s apple pie – featuring the same delicious French vanilla ice cream sans all the brown sugar and calories. You’re welcome.AG-CRISP-2 AG-CRISP-3AG-CRISP-4AG-CRISP-5AG-CRISP-6AG-CRISP-7AG-CRISP-8AG-CRISP-9      AG-CRISP-10

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