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Coconut Craze || Homemade Samoas

Around this time every year, I dole out my hard earned cash to support the the tiny female troops of America – my local Girl Scout troops. To be clear, my gift isn’t entirely selfless. In exchange for my dinero, they give me bountiful boxes of bite-sized, baked deliciousness. While I am happy to support the tiny […]

We Be Jammin || Raspberry Crumb Bars

Another Wednesday another wintery wetland here in NYC. I mean honestly, this weather is like Anne Hathaway at last year’s oscars… Les Miz. The only thing worse than the perpetual precipitation of winter, is the knowledge that we are still over a month away from spring. That is two fort nights folks! So when life […]

Apple Bottom Baked Goods || Granola Apple Crisp

Aaaand I’m back! Apologies for the hiatus last week. I was in Miami for work, which meant I was a few hundred miles away from my kitchen and busy enjoying weather that was a few dozen degrees warmer. While my trip did bring a much needed interruption from the meteorological misery that has been this […]

valentine’s day || homemade heart marshmallows

Happy Valentine’s day folks! After a week of cookies, candies and (sugar) comas, the big day is finally here! And what better way to end this week long, heart shaped, junk food junket than with another heart shaped glucose goodie! Ever since my birthday – when my dad got me these scrumptious squares of sugar […]

Love is in The Cookies || Linzer Cookies

T-minus one day till Valentine’s day folks and it’s another frosty fuck fest here in NYC. And when the weather outside is this frightful, I just want to stay inside and make cookies that are delightful! So that’s just what I did. And what is more delightful than a cookie that is both tasty and […]

sweet treats || punny valentine’s day gifts

 Valentine’s day is by far my most favorite holiday of the year. It involves all of my most prized past times. Crafting, baking, love and more crafting. And when I say love I don’t just mean the romantic kind. I’m talking about the Bob Sinclair’s, Love Generation, kind. The kind that spreads from Jamaica to […]

Super (Barbecue) Bowl || Pecan Pie

If Thanksgiving is a feast of family, then the Superbowl is a feast of friends. It’s an annual excuse to drink and be merry with the family you choose rather than the one you’re stuck sharing a bird with in November every year. While Thanksgiving tends to have a rather set list of menu items, […]

Labor of Love || Rainbow Cookies

This is the story of the cookies that came home after the cows – based very loosely on the outdated idiom “until the cows come home”. I’m not a farmer, and I don’t play one on TV, but I am left to assume that it takes cows a very long time to come home. Possibly […]

happy birthday to me || chocolate beatty cake

It’s my birthday and I’ll bake my own cake if I want to! And this year, I wanted to bake Ina Garten’s Chocolate Beatty Cake. I rarely ever bake for myself. Of course I taste most of what I bake, but the fruits (or cakes) of my labor are usually for friends, family and coworkers. […]

Gooey Goodies || Artisanal Marshmallows

It’s my birthday and I’ll eat gluttonous gelatin treats if I want to! Well technically my birthday isn’t until tomorrow, but my father was so kind as to bestow my gourmet gift onto me a little bit early this year. As any four year old will tell you, birthdays are really all about the gifts. […]