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The Italian Botch Job || Deconstructed Chicken Parm

My roommate and I have been living in our apartment together for a little over 15 months now. And like the parent of an infant child, I’ve been counting our cohabitation in months rather than years. During this time I have wined and dined my lady love with some truly inspired and delicious meals. I […]

happy birthday to me || chocolate beatty cake

It’s my birthday and I’ll bake my own cake if I want to! And this year, I wanted to bake Ina Garten’s Chocolate Beatty Cake. I rarely ever bake for myself. Of course I taste most of what I bake, but the fruits (or cakes) of my labor are usually for friends, family and coworkers. […]

Gooey Goodies || Artisanal Marshmallows

It’s my birthday and I’ll eat gluttonous gelatin treats if I want to! Well technically my birthday isn’t until tomorrow, but my father was so kind as to bestow my gourmet gift onto me a little bit early this year. As any four year old will tell you, birthdays are really all about the gifts. […]

To Brunch or Not To Brunch || Bacon Hash

When my boyfriend and I first started dating we would go out for brunch every weekend. It was the most delicious of times, and also the most expensive of times. Rather than confess my financial shortcomings to him, I convinced my beau that, staying in and cooking our own brunch would be SO much better. […]

It’s Been One Week || Celebratory Sea Salt Brownies

To celebrate my first week of regular posting, I decided to treat myself to some homemade sea salt brownies. I don’t usually eat what I bake – not because it isn’t tasty – but by the time I’ve finished all the measuring, tasting, whisking, tasting, pouring, and some more tasting, I’ve consumed enough sugar to […]

Brooklyn Baked Goods || Black Bottom Oat Pie

Ever since the gourmet cupcake bubble burst back in April, I have been on the edge of my seat waiting for the next next overpriced culinary craze to hit the markets. And after months of patiently waiting, I think I have finally found just the niche! Pie shops! While cupcakes may be smaller and less […]

Polar Vortex Pleasures || Pumpkin Cupcakes

Today’s treats are inspired by (my) twist on the Christmas classic – “Baby it’s a polar vortex outside…”. Temperatures here in NYC have become literally painful. The simple thought of going outside is making my eyes water and my nose run. But like the old adage goes, when the temperatures get below freezing, the freezing […]

homemade holiday sweets || chocolate raspberry rugelach

  { recipe from smitten kitchen cookbook} Growing up, there were certain deserts that came standard with every holiday meal. At a minimum, there were fourteen different flavors of rugelach, some version of a rainbow cake and if I was really really lucky, my mom would also put out some black and white cookies. In […]